Just the Essentials, Please

As you go forward with registering and preparing for your little bundle, or bundles, of joy you will no doubt be overwhelmed by the multitude of baby products that exist.  I know I was.  It was a dear friend who … Continue reading


Freebies and drawings: Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

Here’s a link to some freebies and drawings from Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine.  This magazine has a great electronic publication.  Good luck to everyone in the drawings! (You do have to register to enter.)


Buyer’s Guide: Free Stuff

Breastfeeding: My struggles and triumphs

Natural? Yes. Difficult? Yes. Now I took the class, I read the books, I know the benefits of breastfeeding and it still hasn’t been a walk in the park like everyone said it would be.  Breastfeeding for me has been … Continue reading