Levity: Welcome to the Land of Spit and Poop

Because parenthood is hard, because life is stressful, I bring you this moment of levity.

This morning, looking quite fabulous, I grabbed up my new purse, a coffee to go and headed out the door to get a haircut. (Only the second time since the boys have been born.) As I pulled out of the driveway, were my thoughts turned to my upcoming style change, the latest news, or what I might accomplish this weekend? Not a chance. Instead my first thought was “I wonder if Rory will poop before I get back.” That’s what my life revolves around now. Poop. Did the Jasper poop? Did Rory poop? Did the dog poop? Did the cat’s litter box get cleaned? Poop. My life is filled with the bodily functions of other creatures. Phone calls are made and received simply to discuss poop. “Did both boys poop this morning?” “When you walked the dog did she poop?” And not just to ask if the aforementioned bodily function occurred, but also as the quantity and quality. Whole conversations will begin and end with the subject of poop. And as I sat there, on the precipice of what used to be an average Saturday, I had to laugh. Even if it isn’t glamorous. Even if it isn’t exotic or exciting. I wouldn’t trade this new life for the world.

It’s these laughs that really get you through the hard times that come with parenthood. As you go forward, I hope you can remember to laugh. I know it does my heart good to laugh at my awkward, bodily-function filled, always messy life.

What’s your moment of levity?


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