Product Review: Nutra Nail Gel Perfect

What mommy doesn’t want to have beautiful hands and nails?  We all like to feel pretty and sometimes pretty nails are all we’ve got. I love to paint my nails, but it never lasts and I do not have the time or the money for a salon manicure.  So when I heard about the Nutra Nail Gel Perfect, sets in 5 minutes, nail system, I thought I’d met my new best friend.  This was definitely not the case.  While the colors were lovely, the product was hard to find.  Having settled on a dark purple, I set out to have a “shellac-like” experience.  (PS – the boys love when my nails are painted and like to look at my hands because they can see them better.) The process is simple.  Paint 5 nails with the Activator.  Then paint them with the color.  Clean the brush and repeat on the other hand.  Add a second coat of everything and you’re done.  It does indeed set up in 5 minutes.  And your nails will be super shiny and feel protected.  But here is where the romance falls apart.  By the next morning, my color had begun to chip off, not 24 hours after applying the product. So, I tried to take the product off.  This involves either buying a separate remover, using pure acetone, or rubbing and scrubbing your nails with regular acetone nail polish remover.  I opted for the latter because that was what I had available.  Getting this stuff off is next to impossible!  And my nails were left rough and cracked.

In conclusion, this product gets a thumbs down from me.  Not worth the time, the money, or the effort.

*Not my picture, but this is the color that I used.



6 thoughts on “Product Review: Nutra Nail Gel Perfect

  1. Such a horrible product. I’ve tried it multiple times–hoping that thinner coats will lead to less chipping, but it tears your nails apart like crazy. Plus, it’s not a real gel, it’s made from nail glue!

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